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Sunstrong International started out its long history as a OEM supplier on PCBA for many international companies.  Therefore we are very experience in terms of PCBA assembly. That experience allow us to focus and provide high-level, high-precision custom on every PCB board for our customers in worldwide industries, that includes power supply, medical electronics, consumer electronics, LED lighting, power tool and so on. We offer high-quality PCB assembly services on top of our PCBA design service. We have over 40 sets of SMT production line equipments (Brand name such as Yamaha, Panasonic, Yuki) to provide standard service to our customers. Over the years, Sunstrong International has added many facilities to ensure providing the most reliable, cost efficiency and maximum performance to our valuable clients. With state of the art testing laboratory, highly automated machines and systematic approach, we are able to achieve that and provide value added service to all of our clients.

Auto Insertion

Sunstrong International has invested on its radial component insertion machines equipped with new features. These include wider range of insertion components, application on a longer PCB and also multi-angle insertion capability. With these, the machines eliminate part of the manual insertion process of components (or insertion using specialized machine), realizing stable insertion quality. Productivity is improved through process integration and labor cost is significantly reduced. Through these efforts, Sunstrong International offers high quality and high productivity solutions to customers, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Insertion components such as capacitors and resistors are still widely used in power supply circuits of PCBA for home appliances and power supply units.