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Power Tool Application

Sunstrong International is one of the leading EMS supplier in Power Tools accessories manufacturing industry.  Highly vertical self-supply chain enables us to provide a wide range of products.  Our products and service include:

* High power lithium ion battery charger

* Power tool PCBA for small drill and larger appliances of lawn mower

* Power supply devices

* Accessory kit packaging

* Metal die-casting

* Metal machining

* Mold fabrication

* Lighting devices

By cooperating with well-known multinational power tool brands in the past 20 years, we equipped ourselves with knowhow on safety compliance and reliability requirement. Sunstrong International is also experienced in all kinds of PCBA and charger used in power tool products.  Owing to our continuous effort on supplying quality products to them, our main client recognized that by awarding Sunstrong International with Excellent Supplier Award.

Category List

Power Tool Charger

Garden Tool Charger

E-Bike Charger

Adapters Type Multil-pack battery charger
Charger with USB port
Water proof type
High voltage, 400W or higher
Wireless charger
Type-C charger
Output Voltage Range 10W ~ 300W Main application Power tool, Garden tool, Personal care, E-Bike, Lightings, Outdoor Products.