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Power Adapters and Chargers

More than 60 million pieces of adapters are produced from our 2 factories in Dongguan annually. Our chargers line up includes car adapter, USB adapter, exchangeable AC plug adapter and desktop adapter.  We manufactured in-house for most of the core components which include transformer, cable, heat sink and plastic housing in attempt to ensure short delivery time and best quality.  Products are widely used in the industries of home appliance, power tool, personal care, floor care and home entertainment by branded customers worldwide.

Sunstrong International has a team of well-experienced engineers on charger design.Our charger products mainly used on power tools, home appliances and some other applications.   Products range from 10W up to 200W. It could charge single as well as include multiple battery pack chargers.   With over 20 years of experience in these categories, we are committed to customers request by delivering quality performance with optimized design on cost.  In addition, we do have wide variety of power adapter and charger products on ODM.

Our Group is dedicated to create a “low-carbon society” by designing environmentally friendly power products which comply with energy-saving requirement across all regions.

Category List

USB Charger

Car USB Charger

Desktop Charger

Multi-Plug Adapter

Wall-Mount Adapter

Charger List Detail

Adapters Type Exchangeable AC plug
Car type
USB type
IPXX type
Output Voltage Range 5W ~ 120W Main application Home appliances, Power tools, Audio/video devices, Personal care.