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Plastic Injection

Our large scale of injection facility  support the global customers with more than 30 years of plastic injection molding experience and dedicated operators who run more than 150 machines ranging from 15 tons to 380 tons of clamping pressure for our customers from various sectors and industries including Consumer electronics, Home appliances, Telecommunication and Power tools.  We can design and mold custom plastic parts and assemblies that enhance end products, reduce overall part and production costs, and streamline assembly and manufacturing processes.


Our expert team will help you design moldable parts that are optimized for manufacture.  Client will benefit from high-skill solutions to enhance features and integrate parts. These upfront investments in your program can help you reduce overall program costs, while increasing your product speed to market. From concept to commercialization, you’ll find we’re dedicated to help client achieve their program objectives on time and within your budget.


Advantages of our plastic injection molding include:

·High Production Volumes, Lower Labor Costs

·Repeatable High Tolerances

·Accommodation of a Wide Range of Materials

·Minimal Scrap Loss and Finishing Required

With many manufacturers offering injection molded plastics, Sunstrong International believes our real success comes from an approach and commitment to plastic injection molding that provides each customer unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of improved quality, appeal, efficiencies and increased profitability. Sunstrong International has grown to be recognized as an outstanding provider in plastic injection molding.