Sunstrong provides comprehensive die casting solutions, starting from mold design and manufacturing capabilities to in-house melting and alloying, casting, precision machining, and assembly. With a workforce of approximately 1,500 employees, our dedicated factory is committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective products to our valued customers.
With a fleet of over 40 die casting machines ranging from 88T to 2500T, including renowned UBE machines from Japan, we ensure efficient production. Additionally, we have made significant investments in three central melting furnaces. Our commitment to quality is evident through our certifications in international quality management systems, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS16949, and ISO 13485.

Sunstrong boasts a comprehensive array of advanced equipment, comprising over 300 cutting-edge machines. Among them are more than 240 CNC milling machines, primarily imported from renowned Japanese brands such as "FANUC" and "BROTHER." These machines offer a maximum processing size of 550mm x 300mm with an impressive precision of 0.002mm.
In addition, we have over 85 CNC lathes featuring top-quality brands like "MAZAK," "FANUC," and "FEELER." These lathes excel in precision, capable of handling diameters ranging from φ0.4mm to φ48mm with an accuracy of 0.003mm and maintaining a roundness within 0.005mm. Furthermore, we ensure exceptional surface finish control within 0.01mm and achieve an overall accuracy of 0.005mm.

Sunstrong possesses a diverse range of high-end sheet metal equipment, with over 50 machines from renowned brands and varying specifications. Our impressive lineup includes 1 laser cutting machine, 16 CNC punching presses, 14 bending machines, 8 riveting machines, 5 sets of robotic welding equipment, and several semi-automatic welding devices. These cutting-edge machines cater to the production demands of different sheet metal components.
We proudly feature brands such as "FINN POWER" from Finland and "Panasonic" from Japan, known for their exceptional quality. With a precision of 0.1mm, our laser cutting machine efficiently processes products up to 3020mm x 1750mm x 6.0mm in size. Our CNC punching presses are capable of creating products up to 3500mm in length and 5.0mm in thickness. Moreover, our welding capabilities can handle materials as thin as 0.25mm. With our monthly production capacity, we can deliver approximately 2,500,000 units of products, including smart service terminals and more.