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Metal Assembly

Sunstrong International offers an array of metal manufacturing services from design to delivery, including CNC, Die-Casting, fabricating and finishing. The ability to outsource multiple manufacturing processes in one unit allows our clients to streamline their production line, reducing lead-time and cost.

We have been a supplier at industrial level for Telecom device with client such as Ericsson. We delivered one of the highest precision in metal products to meet our client needs. Our Engineering support to our clients is second to none in terms of engineering skills and test equipment for them.

An overview of Sunstrong International services include:

  • Precision Machining: Turning, Milling, Grinding, EDM, honing
  • Laser Processing: Tubular and Flat Cutting, Welding, and Marking
  • Metal Fabrication: Sheet and Plate forming, CNC Stamping, Hard Tool Stamping, Tool and Die Production, all Welding Processes, Tube Bending, Circular and Band Sawing, and Shearing
  • Plating, Coatings & Metal Finishing: Zinc Electroplate (clear, yellow and black chromate) and Manganese Phosphate.  Fully automated and computer controlled plating line.

Sunstrong International now equipped with over 100 automatic lathing machines, 150 milling machines, 200 CNC lathing machines, 60 stamping machines, and 50 mould building machines.

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