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Sunstrong International has designed and built a number of dedicated plating lines to run high volume production parts. Innovative technologies and continuous R&D have made it possible to meet needs for a wide range of diverse applications. We are a team dedicate to innovation, quality and continuous improvement through our partnership with customers and suppliers. Our commitment is to provide you the highest quality product in a reliable, responsive and cost-effective manner.

It is the declared policy of Sunstrong International to minimize the effects of its activities on the environment as outlined below.

Assess the environmental effects of the company’s activities on the surrounding environment both locally and globally.

Comply with all environmental legislation and regulations relating to the activities of the company.

Be committed to a program of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

Set definable and measurable Environmental Objectives and Targets.

Train all employees so as to raise awareness of environmental matters.

Effectively manage the consumption of Energy, Water and Fuels. Limit the amount of waste produced to water, land and air and adopt reuse or recycling of materials where possible.

Maintain contingency plans to be followed in the event of a significant environmental incident.

Maintain awareness of any developments with regard to minimizing environmental effects and applying best available technology where economically viable.

Communicate an understanding of the policy to employees and interested parties. Where practicable the company will provide information and assistance to customers on environmental issues arising from its products and services.